Monday Minute | 004

Work and life revolve around our ability to work in a team. Team dynamics come into play at our workplace, our social organizations, community affiliations … it’s all about interacting with others. It’s critical to understand that team relationships and fitting in can be a challenge. In the workplace, identifying team dynamics and understanding positive and negative outcomes that can occur is a stepping-stone to knowing how to predict and build team performance.

How any team operates, and how the team views itself and its organization, are too important to leave to chance—that’s why looking at a few critical factors can bring big dividends to team performance. At PQC, we look at team potential, cognitive integration and the task/relationship balance. Constructive team dynamics enhance productivity and accomplish goals, but everyone on the team needs to both talk and listen. Energy comes from face-to-face communication. We hope that everyone understands that you become part of an ecology when joining an organization. Getting to know those around you, learning and listening to the overarching activities of the organization, and being open to understanding how you fit in are critical to that ecology.



Monday Minute | 003

Good Morning and Good Bye.  Seem to be such simple greetings but in our organization, it reflects our encouragement of teamwork and collaboration.  Years ago, my friend Erma reminded me that a smile and a hello was the best way to start everyone’s morning.  Since then, I’ve always encouraged everyone to pass along those greetings.  It’s funny sometimes because, at night, it can be a strange replay of “The Waltons” and the good night messages as everyone leaves.  For those of you under 40, the Waltons TV series was about a  close-knit family who ended every episode with “good night John Boy” messages.  For me, encouraging this greeting with every team member reminds them that we are always open to even the simplest of communications and we’re a family, here to support each other… no matter what.

Good morning!


Monday Minute | 002

As Northeast Indiana continues to grow, our interest in the people remains the same. After all, business is a community. We all come from different perspectives, but as a community we come with a common goal: to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas. When we have an open exchange of ideas, communities have a chance to thrive. Businesses gain the chance to listen and respond to issues facing the community. When we value people and respect their perspectives, businesses are given the opportunity to truly collaborate. It is only when there is true collaboration and exchange of ideas that we find solutions and see a community succeed.

One group we see that is doing this well, and that we are happy to be part of, is the Northeast Indiana Local Food Network. In short, they are working toward the following:

  • Promoting collaboration that will allow more of the foods we love to be produced right here in Northeast Indiana.
  • Helping local consumers and visitors discover where they can buy local food or enjoy it in a local restaurant.
  • Increasing consumer appreciation for the positive impact of local food purchases on our quality of place & regional economy.
  • Strengthening community ties by linking farmers to markets and supporters, through shared connections to local food.
  • Making our region known for its delicious and bountiful local food.

Please visit their website at and take part in the discussion!


Our Team Members’ Stories Matter!

PQC has come a long way over the years. This continued growth is good and what we had hoped for! However, growth can make communication difficult. It can make us lose that “family” feeling real quick! Our hope is that 2018 will spark a new season of communication and company cohesion. First and foremost, we would like to introduce you to our regular newsletter!

Check out our first one here –> Newsletter 1

While we have many employees, there is no excuse to not connect with each other on some level. It is our hope that through social media, blog posts, and our regular newsletter that our media will provide a means of connectivity between our team members and their communities nationwide! We want to share in the wins you have both in life and at work. If you are a local bowling champ, let us know! We want to tell your story! If you just finished your new article for a local magazine, let us know! Whatever it is that brings you joy in your professional life or in your hobbies, we want to take the time to highlight your story and share it with the rest of the team.

Our CEO, Stacey Smith, repeatedly says “our team members are our greatest asset”. That said, your stories are what makes you… you! So please share your victories and stories so we can celebrate with you!

-Jim Mahan