Monday Minute | 004

Work and life revolve around our ability to work in a team. Team dynamics come into play at our workplace, our social organizations, community affiliations … it’s all about interacting with others. It’s critical to understand that team relationships and fitting in can be a challenge. In the workplace, identifying team dynamics and understanding positive and negative outcomes that can occur is a stepping-stone to knowing how to predict and build team performance.

How any team operates, and how the team views itself and its organization, are too important to leave to chance—that’s why looking at a few critical factors can bring big dividends to team performance. At PQC, we look at team potential, cognitive integration and the task/relationship balance. Constructive team dynamics enhance productivity and accomplish goals, but everyone on the team needs to both talk and listen. Energy comes from face-to-face communication. We hope that everyone understands that you become part of an ecology when joining an organization. Getting to know those around you, learning and listening to the overarching activities of the organization, and being open to understanding how you fit in are critical to that ecology.