Monday Minute | 005

Do you remember the Dilbert cartoon poster that said, “Change is good … you go first.” Well, we’ve not stopped since that came out.
Change, aka transformation, often relies on organizational learning. Over the long run, organizational survival and thriving rest on continuous positive change—being “continuously” change-ready rather than “reactively” ready. For organizations that deal in governmental-type (federal/state/city) operations, we are continuously ready because that is the nature of the work. We tend to push our organization to be a sustaining, changeable enterprise. Organizations like ours have learned to change more easily and build an “adaptability” advantage that helps them get ahead.
But we’re moving into a new economy where we need to be proactive to change and flexible to sustain through the change. To stay ahead, organizations must become proactive, flexible and knowledgeable as to why to make those changes. A changeable organization must become a “knowledge-creative enterprise.” This is a new kind of organization, vibrant with positive energy, that focuses on continuous learning-based process improvement, as well as organic radical innovation. In these organizations, everyone is talent, and learning is rooted in culture. This is a new and exciting environment but comes with lots of voices and thousands of ideas, and the challenge is finding the path forward. This requires more time spent on strategy and working with the team to understand that strategy.
In fact, organizational learning—as a constant process—is strategically and organically integrated with business and work activities. Thus, these organizations can continuously design, develop, connect, manage and renew their knowledge base. This is critical for organizational effectiveness, performance improvement, and business transformation. Bottom line: This sort of workplace is smarter, happier and driven at all levels.
-Stacey, PQC President and CEO