Monday Minute | 006

I’m usually a little late to new business strategies and philosophies—mostly because they seem to have come out at light speed over the past 5 years. But I’m trying to catch up and recently read several articles about “Hug Your Haters” by Jay Baer. In his book, he shows that customer service has become a spectator sport. We can no longer apply customer service strategies from bygone eras to how we respond today. Customers have too many options, and they have outlets for when they want to make those issues known. Especially anonymously. 
And if you’re like me, you think we’re rocking the customer service agreements, when in reality, customers say most complaints go without a response at all. How is that possible? It’s because, in some cases, our customers expect us to read between the lines and pick up on things that they see as issues before they become an issue. They also don’t rely just on email and phone. And finally, speed is everything. According to Edison Research, 32 percent of social media–savvy customers expect a response from your team within 30 minutes, and 42 percent want to hear back within the hour. Fifty-seven percent expect that same response time on weekends and after business hours as well. 
We know we’ve added tons of time/resources to add to our customer service and employee connection (a key element, I think), but we need to stay on top of this one as we continue to grow and move into a more digital era! The bottom line to Baer’s book: Just be a better company and hire great employees who all see customer service as their number one job!
-Stacey Smith, PQC President and CEO