Monday Minute | 008

It’s Monday again, and – thanks to a little bit of sunshine – people are coming to work with a smile at last. It’s not overly warm, but it’s at least not raining, sleeting, or yuck … snowing. With hope, we’ve finally turned the corner from winter to spring.

Recently, we’ve had a lot going on. This week is no different due to lots of travel with loads of people going to a big conference to learn and grow our organization. We’re working to better ourselves in one of our primary programs with a customer who, to date, really appreciates how we approach our projects. This approach comes from a cultural norm I hope comes from my encouragement to our team to be continuous learners. In this day and age, I’m not sure how you can’t be a continuous learner, but I suppose if you only tune into messages that you repeatedly hear, you could avoid being exposed to something new. For me, the pleasure of learning something new as often as possible has always been exciting. I can’t imagine at some point finding that we have all the knowledge we need.

So when I talk about continuous learning, I’m not suggesting everyone needs to take a course at their local college, or go back to school for a new degree. Continuous learning is an attitude and a set of behaviors that allow us to succeed in our ever-changing environment, and it is the best lever we have to turn who we are today into who we want to be tomorrow. Change requires learning and, conversely, there is no learning without change.

Sounds cyclical, doesn’t it? Just like spring after winter … Sometimes it just takes a little longer to get here.

-Stacey Smith, PQC President and CEO