Monday Minute | 015

Discussions about good customer service and poor employee performance do not seem to have a place in the same posting, but trust me—they do.

Good customer service is what we ask for from every employee, even those who may only occasionally meet a customer. But for those that are forward facing, we ask for 110%: Your job is all about satisfying the customer based on what they hired us for. For those lucky people who are blessed with charm, sometimes you can snooze a customer and get by with a little less performance in exchange for a smile. However, it can’t (and won’t) last.

When we conduct assessments or just have periodic conversations with the customer leadership, it comes out. They really like you, but you’re always late, someone else has to finish your work, etc. And when it comes time to have a performance review, the employee might lean on the “but they like me” excuse and/or “no way would they say that about me.” Well, they did—because despite liking you and sharing Grandma Helen’s German chocolate cake recipe, the customer, too, has a job to do.

At PQC, we look for these signals and want to address them early. We want our team to be strong and positive. We know that life happens, but that’s no excuse for being repeatedly late. If you aren’t paying attention to your attendance, just remember this: You can be a great employee, but if you are not there, you’re not helping anyone.

-Stacey Smith, PQC President and CEO