Monday Minute | 020

I’ve always been blessed with a sense of curiosity that has led me to want to learn about new and exciting things. Right now, my attention has gone back to my old love of outer space and travel to worlds beyond. It fascinates me that we’re talking about going back to the moon, but it really gets my attention when we talk about Mars. Mars is a challenge beyond anything we’ve faced in the past, but our technology has come so much farther as well.

This week, NASA selected the five winning designs in the latest stage of its 3D-printed habitat competition, including a pod inspired by the anatomy of a spider and a vertical egg-like container. Teams were challenged to come up with a solution that tackled the issues of transporting materials to Mars while considering differences in the red planet’s the atmosphere and landscape. If you’re like me and getting a chance to think about possibilities, please take a few moments to read the article linked below and watch the 4- to 5-minute videos! It boggles the mind that this is possible and that once we master the travel to the planet, we can actually construct housing without even being on the red planet! Talk about move-in ready.

After a short 30 minutes of refreshing my mind, thinking about the future and imagining the potential, coming back to reality and facing the challenges of today doesn’t seem so overwhelming. We need to allow ourselves time to gain perspective and realize that in today’s world … the sky is no longer a limit to our possibilities!

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-Stacey Smith, PQC President & CEO