Good Vibes for a Great Year

Stacey Smith, CEO

Well, it’s a new year and—as you can tell from my blog posts—I had a strong start in 2018 with weekly blogging. As the months wore on, though, I ran out of steam. It’s hard to be thoughtful week after week! It makes me have a whole new admiration for people who really do this for a living and hope to get people to read it!

So, with the New Year, I’ve received a lot of questions about resolutions and such. I think I come from a generation that did that and it was expected. I’ve bucked the trend because (1) I know how hard it is to stay on a commitment over a long period of time, and (2) as time passes, your commitments need to adjust. For instance, my priority last year at New Year’s was to get my knee surgery done, but that didn’t happen. Is that bad? No! Other things came up and needed time/attention instead. I also moved, which wasn’t even something I had thought about on Jan. 1, 2018. But the time and place were right, and I’m glad it happened. Funny how major life changes can happen like that.

But 2019 is important to me. PQC will celebrate our 15th anniversary in mid-summer. That is crazy to me. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting the incorporation papers from the attorney and launching an office. I knew I had to have an office, because staying home would have been out of the question—I already am a workaholic and working from home would have just made that worse. Besides, I needed someone to say hello to. Fifteen years ago, I was yelling “Hello!” to the mailman as he passed by the house. I’d call people just to have some kind of human contact. I found that being alone wasn’t going to be my thing. Even after all this time, I’m not a fan of working from home. I need that balance that says work stuff stays at work. Now when I get to work, I’m blessed to have Sarah to say good morning to.

So that’s how my 2019 started out. Good morning, Sarah … 364 more days before 2020!