Clap Along If You Feel Like A Room Without A Roof

Today is the seventh day of 2019. There are 358 wonderful days left of this new year.

Every Monday morning I face the same challenges of waking up and trying to decide what kind of week it’s going to be. Sadly, over the last couple of months, I’ve become very focused on things that are out of control, negative, and truly a distraction toward the better things in life.

It’s kind of hard not to get wrapped up in the negative things, because that’s kind of pushed at you from every medium possible. Over the weekend, I even noticed a billboard that implicated how hard life really is. Turning on the news in the morning is usually done through clenched teeth. I’d stop doing it, but then I’d feel ill-informed which seems to be almost worse.

But equally we have the opportunity to look at the positive side of what goes on in the world and think about our place in it. Frequently on social media sites, friends share funny and heartfelt stories and video clips meant to lift us up. Scattered across the sites are stories of success of people doing amazing things, showing the best of their humanity, and encouraging us to move forward. Despite all the bad or negative news, even the news dedicates the last 5 minutes to stories that will touch your heart and give you hope.

So, it’s Jan. 7, and it really is up to us to decide which part of the world we’re going to focus on. Just in case you weren’t sure where my mind is focused now, I challenge you to watch this video and not dance, tap your feet or hum along! 

Have a great week!