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Monday Minute | 026

For anyone who has ever had to face down the awful options when faced with a hurricane, especially one like Florence, both hard decisions and hard work is necessary. During my 20+ years either working long-term assignments or living in the southern regions of the U.S., it was almost a regular thing to get to […]

Monday Minute | 025

As we begin our flow through the week, we want to take a moment and look at leadership. It is important to note that leadership is an inherent quality inside all of us. Leadership varies from person to person in regards to the leadership of what and for how much of what. However, one thing we should all […]

Monday Minute | 024

More than 30 classic and modern cars were on display at the one-day Fort Wayne Motorfest event held August 25 and sponsored by PQC. Lots of onlookers were able to admire some of Indiana’s and Ohio’s finest hot rods and classic cruisers. Even with a delayed start due to wind and rain, the event was well […]

Monday Minute | 023

In today’s labor market, it can be difficult to find the right person to fit an open position. It’s because, thankfully, we are working in a market where there are lots of jobs and lots of options. Because PQC does vocational rehab, we seek out those open jobs that could be held by someone with […]

Monday Minute | 022

We call the toughest days we face “character building.” Those times when we are tested could be emotional or physical, ethical or intellectual, professional or personal. The choices we make in these moments say a lot about our character. Character primarily refers to the assembly of qualities that distinguish one individual from another. “Be honest, […]

Monday Minute | 020

I’ve always been blessed with a sense of curiosity that has led me to want to learn about new and exciting things. Right now, my attention has gone back to my old love of outer space and travel to worlds beyond. It fascinates me that we’re talking about going back to the moon, but it […]

Monday Minute | 019

“The world does not need more successful people. The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, and lovers of all kind.” -Dali Lama Humankind can spread love faster than it can spread hate, hope rather than despair, confidence rather than fear.

Monday Minute | 018

Last week we talked a little about whether we are a partner or a vendor to our customers. It’s important to state that PQC’s culture has always been to partner with our customers and look for ways to make them better. To understand their mission allows us to be quicker to see opportunity and bring […]

Monday Minute | 017

Are you a partner or just a vendor? If you’re a service-based company, you are always striving to build your customer relationship up to the point to be truly called a partner. It’s such a compliment. It means you’ve committed the time and effort to understand the customer’s environment, their mission and their goals. You […]