Monday Minute | 002

As Northeast Indiana continues to grow, our interest in the people remains the same. After all, business is a community. We all come from different perspectives, but as a community we come with a common goal: to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas. When we have an open exchange of ideas, communities have a chance to thrive. Businesses gain the chance to listen and respond to issues facing the community. When we value people and respect their perspectives, businesses are given the opportunity to truly collaborate. It is only when there is true collaboration and exchange of ideas that we find solutions and see a community succeed.

One group we see that is doing this well, and that we are happy to be part of, is the Northeast Indiana Local Food Network. In short, they are working toward the following:

  • Promoting collaboration that will allow more of the foods we love to be produced right here in Northeast Indiana.
  • Helping local consumers and visitors discover where they can buy local food or enjoy it in a local restaurant.
  • Increasing consumer appreciation for the positive impact of local food purchases on our quality of place & regional economy.
  • Strengthening community ties by linking farmers to markets and supporters, through shared connections to local food.
  • Making our region known for its delicious and bountiful local food.

Please visit their website at and take part in the discussion!